Samas was founded in Milan on January 28, 2002 by Alberto Santini, Debora Redaelli and Giulia Borro, strengthened by their different professional backgrounds and firm supporters of the teamwork, they decided to materialize their aim through a company called SAMAS.

The goal we have set, is to improve and integrate the existing know-how in the company focusing on the development of human resources: Samas  will be your partner for your concerning aspects of Environment, Quality and Safety, Food Hygiene.

The name SAMAS is the result of a careful and particular research. SAMAS, for Assirobabilonesi, personified the Sun God and Justice.
For us, the Sun represents the warmth and energy that we want to convey, both in human relationships as from a professional, actively contributing to the growth of the Company.
Justice as a warning to always behave according to the rules of ethics and professional.